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Imagine a world where private investing is made clear and can be trusted.

Today, with all the news about private companies going public and their early investors making substantial returns, investors may like to invest in early stage companies. 

But, they have doubts and question their own ability to select good private companies.

Once they invest, they find it challenging to get enough information and it makes them uneasy. As with any investment, some don’t go so well, they don’t deliver a fair return, and this compounds anxiety. 

Equifaira exists to end that

While we cannot guarantee a return and past results are not an indicator for future performance, Equifaira Partners Inc. has achieved a 7.1% annual return to our shareholders based on a full year of investment from January 1st to December 31st.

We are making private investment available for everyone


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We empower people to:

So investors feel in control, can get on with their lives, and feel at ease about achieving their targeted returns.

 Invest in Equifaira and demystify the world of private investing.  

Investors know what they want in life. They prefer to focus on the things that really matter and want to get ahead and be treated fairly.

They know they need to make their well earned savings work harder, diversify from the volatility of public markets and deliver better returns, but lack the knowledge of the private investing world. At Equifaira, we go to great lengths to understand our investors and the kind of local companies and targeted returns that they are looking for. We fight for fairness in the private investing world and earn their trust by being collaborative and transparent.

Equifaira Private Securities has a process that includes Know Your Client and Suitability for private investments.

We strive to help our investors feel confident about their private investment in Equifaira Partners.

We seek companies that champion environmental sustainability, social advancement and responsible corporate governance.

Investors adopt and support products and services that “un-complicate” their lives. They like companies that have a human centric approach and disrupt outdated industry practices. Equifaira focuses on consumer products and technology sectors and companies that have a foundation of putting people and the planet first. 

Equifaira invests in local private companies by identifying the best family and founder led companies evaluating on 5 primary criteria:


Is the company local with a global perspective?


Does the company have an exceptional founder and team?


Does the company have "a swing for the fences“ product and or service in a huge market?


Does the company have domain expertise, secrets and or proprietary technology?


Does the company have a proven business model, revenue?

We then embed world class talent with these local companies to achieve growth and liquidity for stakeholders.

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Opening the Door to Private Investing

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Making private investment available for everyone.